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Tom Scarda is a motivational speaker, small business expert, Certified Franchise Expert (CFE), and author of Franchise Savvy and The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty: How to Manage Change, Embrace Fear and Live a Fulfilled Life.
Over 20 years ago, searching for his inner drive, Tom left college and submerged himself in the motorcycle underworld in lower Manhattan. This made his mother worry. It was the first time Tom chose uncertainty over the status quo.
After four years of life in a motorcycle gang in NYC, Tom got a respectable job in the New York Subway system, but became frustrated with the bureaucracy and politics. So he left his job and pension to pursue his dreams of business ownership. This also made his mother worry.
In 2000, he purchased a national smoothie franchise, which he sold five years later for a considerable profit. Tom has owned and operated both franchised and non-franchised businesses. He was the #1 franchisee of the year in one concept and failed miserably in another franchise concept. The lessons he learned from failure is what makes him such an expert.
After selling his smoothie franchise, Tom has been helping people figure out if franchising is for them since 2005. Tom previously hosted “The Franchise Hour” radio show in New York City. He has been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers and is a sought-after radio guest. His mom has stopped worrying.
Named one of the top 50 business leaders on Long Island by Long Island Business News, Tom lives with his wife Gina and two dogs, and is the proud father of two grown children. He enjoys flying airplanes in his spare time.
Tom’s mantra is “There are no wrong turns, just different experiences.” However, some folks just move in circles. Tom believes that everyone has a passion sleeping within his or her soul. Tom’s mission is to help people harvest their own passion for the betterment of the world. He inspires people to surf on the edge of their comfort zone and choose uncertainty over unhappiness.
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Tom wrote this book for people who are: • Tired of not being able to obtain the financial and lifestyle goals they desire • Frustrated and cringe at the thought of going to work in the morning • Looking for a solid franchise opportunity to build while keeping their job • Recently laid off and know job security is an illusion • Looking to diversify their investments or income stream Tom Scarda describes a franchise as a business with training wheels. Perfect for someone who has never owned a business but wants to put their destiny in their own hands by simply following a blueprint that has the kinks worked out. There are more than 3,500 hundred-franchise companies in 90 different industries that are franchising their concept in the United States and Canada. Which ones are good? Which ones make money? Which ones give sufficient support to ensure success? Should I look at franchises that coincide with my hobbies? How much does it cost to open a franchise? Why do franchises fail? There are a plethora of questions someone has when considering investing in a franchise. This book answers the top questions someone has and also the answers questions that someone should be asking franchisors before taking out their checkbook to buy a franchise. Tom Scarda, a Certified Franchise Expert, accredited by the International Franchise Association, is someone who successfully did it himself. Tom quit a job, that his family thought was great because it had a pension plan and benefits, to buy a smoothie franchise. He built it into three locations and within five years sold them and semi-retired at the age of 41. If Tom can do it with only government work experience behind him, so can you…with the right franchise. So, which is the right franchise? This book will help anyone understand the pros and cons of franchising and reveal the secrets that pros use to pick a top-performing concept in addition to teaching the reader to spot red flags and avoid the mistakes first time buyers usually make.
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